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Full Immersion Mount 3 monitors directly onto your cockpit and find yourself completely surrounded by the racing experience.
Genuinely Adjustable Adjust the height and angles of your monitor so that it fits perfectly your racing position and provides you with the best visibility of the racing tracks.
VESA Brackets The standard VESA brackets of the single monitor stand enable easy mounting of a TV/screen with holes of 7,5×7,5 – 10×10 – 10×20 – 20×20 (cm)
Robust Construction The construction is made out of steel and aluminium and will support 3 screens up to a size of 27″.
Authentic Racing Experience This triple monitor stand will help recreate an authentic racing environment and bring you closer to a pilot’s experience.
Mount the Screen of your choice Thanks to VESA standards and a solid a construction, the triple monitor stand supports any screen with VESA holes to improve your level of visibility and comfort.
 Mount up to 3 monitors of 27″ and that weight up to 10 kg (per monitor) directly onto your cockpit
 Adjustable height
 Continuously adjustable angle
 Vesa brackets allow further adjustments: 7, 5×7, 5 cm – 10×10 cm – 10×20 cm – 20×20 cm.
 RennSport Cockpit required
 PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 requires 1 Console per Monitor
 Actually familiar Console games for 3 Monitors: Grand Turismo 4, Grand Turismo 5, Forza 2, Forza 3, Forza 4.
Special Notes
 Not included: monitors and screws for mounting the monitors.
Packaging Details
 Size (L x W x H) : 98.00cm x 27.00cm x 18.00cm
 Weight: 11.00kg
 Volume weight: 9.53kg.
What’s includes
 Triple monitor stand