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  • The obutto gaming cockpit transforms the way we race! Designed for achieving a proper race driving position, the obutto gaming cockpit delivers much more.
  • For you SIM racers, the obutto just can’t be beat. The stability and adjustability is unmatched at this price, or really any price. We don’t charge for necessary items like a real car seat, monitor stand, shifter mount, or even the keyboard tray….they are included!!
  • The steering wheel mount will fit Logitech, ECCI, and most other steering wheel controllers as long as they clamp to a desk. Also, hardmounting is possible since all our mounts are made of 2-3mm sheet metal.
  • The distance adjustable shifter mount is a perfect fit for the Logitech G25 or G27 H-pattern shifter! It is VERY stable and can fit any H-pattern shifters that clamps to a desk. If it doesn’t fit straight out of the box some easy mods can make it fit!
  • Pedal tray is height and distance adjustable to fine tune the pedal box area. It is also removable so you can hardmount the wickid CST pedals to your obutto

Base Obutto Gaming Cockpit Includes the following:

  • real reclining car sports seat
  • real car seat sliders for easy adjustment
  • removable swiveling & telescoping keyboard/mouse tray
  • very stable thick walled carbon steel frame (3.2cm diameter pipe)
  • angled height adjustable steering wheel mount with over 12″ of travel
  • removable VESA monitor stand for hard mounting your LCD monitor
  • (uses standard VESA bolt patterns 75x75mm, 100x100mm, 200x100mm)
  • height & distance adjustable rubber covered pedal tray, also fully removable
  • seperate H-pattern shifter mount (mounts on either side & distance adjustable)

Accessories includes the following:

  • Triple monitor mount
  • Black acrylic tabletop
  • Flight stick/Throttle mount


While you can always just buy our base cockpit, why not immerse yourself even more with our great accessories!

  • Triple monitor mount – double your immersion with triple monitors. Hands down the 2nd best upgrade to your SIM-Racing experience.
  • Acrylic tabletop – this piece gives you great space for mounting button boxes, shifters closer to the wheel, or your favorite beverage or food during your long racing hours. The acrylic tabletop also can be mounted to move your steering wheel closer to you without having to move the steering wheel mount up.
  • Flight stick/Throttle mount – great for reigning terror from the skies in flight sims. Turn your OBUTTO into a fighter cockpit!
Packaging Details
(Seat comes within the box)
  • Size (L x W x H) : 102.00cm x 61.05cm x 57.00cm
  • Cockpit Weight: 50.00kg