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About Us

We  are a Canadian Company founded back in 2003. Our company specializes in custom installations and services of simulation system platforms, closely affiliated with automotive and aviation industries. We are the exclusive dealer for Fanatec and Obutto product lines. Our elite technicians provide top-quality hands-on services and designs in the field of simulation systems. We strive to exceed customer expectations by creating custom setups according to our customers’ requirements. Our team is always on the look out for the latest technology in simulators.

Recognising that the U.A.E is a hub for racing and simulation enthusiasts, we setup our second operation in Dubai in 2013. We are passionate about our mission in providing customers the best racing simulation experience.  Due to the nature of these new products that are being pioneered to the market, we also offer full after sales service and customer support to our patrons.

Our simulators can be used for racing enthusiasts in the comfort of their homes, for training/educational purposes, for entertainment/gaming centres and for corporate events. Our goal is to provide the thrill of racing in a safe environment and to make the experience “AS REAL AS IT GETS!”