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Terms & Conditions

Disclaimer and Limitation of Remedy

All other express and implied warranties for this product, including the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose and/or noninfringement of third party rights, are hereby disclaimed. Simulation 1 Systems LLC expressly disclaims all warranties not stated in this limited warranty. Any implied warranties that may be imposed by law are limited in duration to the term of this express limited warranty. Some jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion of implied warranties or limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above exclusions or limitations may not apply to customer.

Customer must read and follow all set-up and usage instructions in the applicable user guides and/or manuals enclosed. If customer fails to do so, this product may not function properly and may be damaged. Customer may lose data or sustain personal injuries.Simulation 1 llc, its affiliates and suppliers do not warrant that operation of this product will be uninterrupted or error free.If this product fails to work as warranted above, customer’s sole and exclusive remedy shall be repair or replacement. In no event will Simulation 1 Systems LLC, its affiliates or suppliers be liable to customer or any third party for any damages in excess of the purchase price of the product. This limitation applies to damages of any kind whatsoever including.

(1) damage to, or loss or corruption of, customer’s records, programs, data or removable storage media, or

(2) any direct or indirect damages, lost profits, lost savings or other special, incidental, exemplary or consequential damages,

Whether for breach of warranty, contract, tort or otherwise, or whether arising out of the use of or

2. Inability to use the product and/or the enclosed user guides and/or manuals, even if Simulation 1 Systems LLC, or an authorized Simulation 1 Systems LLC representative, authorized service provider or reseller has been advised of the possibility of such damages or of any claim by any other party. Some jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages for some products, so the exclusions or limitations may not apply to customer. This limited warranty gives customer specific legal rights, and customer may also have other rights which vary from country/state/ jurisdiction to country/state/jurisdiction.

General Terms

This Limited Warranty applies to Simulation 1 Systems LLC’ (“Product[s]”) sold by Simulation 1 Systems LLC or Simulation 1 Systems LLC’s resellers to a customer within the Middle East; for such customer’s own use and not for resale (“Customer”). This Limited Warranty commences on the date of purchase and expires one (1) year after the date of purchase (“Limited Warranty Period”), and covers the Product for warranty service required within the country where the Product was originally purchased. Simulation 1 Systems LLC warrants that the Product (1) is free from defects in materials and workmanship and (2) conforms to the factory specifications in effect at the time the Product was manufactured.Simulation 1 Systems LLC will, in its sole discretion, restore the Product to working order in accordance with factory specifications in effect at the time the Product was manufactured or replace the Product with a product that is at least equivalent to the original Product. Simulation 1 Systems LLC reserves the right to use reconditioned parts that are equivalent or superior to original factory specifications. Replacement parts or products are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for thirty (30) days or for the remainder of the Limited Warranty Period of the Product in which they are installed, whichever is longer. Parts or products replaced under this Limited Warranty shall become the property of Simulation 1 Systems LLC.

If Customer authorizes Simulation 1 Systems LLC to perform any services excluded under this Limited Warranty, Customer shall pay standard repair fees for such work. Customer may assign the Limited Warranty to a subsequent purchaser or assignee of the Product by providing written notice to Simulation 1 Systems LLC at the following address: Simulation 1 Systems LLC, Customer Service Division, 3 The terms and conditions of this Limited Warranty constitute the complete and exclusive warranty agreement between Customer and Simulation 1 Systems LLC for the Product and supersede any prior agreements or representations made in any Simulation 1 Systems LLC sales document or advice that may be provided to Customer by anySimulation 1 Systems LLC representative in connection with Customer’s purchase of the Product. No change to the conditions of this Limited Warranty is valid unless it is made in writing and signed by an authorized Vice President of Simulation 1 Systems LLC.

Protection of Stored Data

For Customer’s important data, please make periodic back-up copies of all the data stored on the hard disk or other storage devices as a precaution against possible failures, alteration, or loss of the data.If customer’s data is altered or lost due to any trouble, failure or malfunction of the hard disk drive or other storage devices and the data cannot be recovered,Simulation 1 Systems LLC shall not be liable for any damage or loss of data, or any other damage resulting therefrom. When copying or transferring customer’s data, please be sure to confirm whether the data has been successfully copied or transferred. Simulation 1 Systems LLC disclaims any liability for the failure to copy or transfer the data correctly. Before returning any product for service, be sure to back up data and remove any confidential, proprietary, or personal information. Simulation 1 Systems LLC is not responsible for (1) damage to or loss of any programs, data, or removable storage media, or (2)

The restoration or reinstallation of any programs or data other than software installed by Simulation 1 Systems LLC when the product was manufactured.

Critical Applications

This Product is not designed for any “critical applications.” “Critical applications” means life support systems, medical applications, connections to implanted medical devices, commercial transportation, nuclear facilities or systems or any other applications where product failure could lead to injury to persons or loss of life or catastrophic property damage. Accordingly,Simulation 1 Systems LLC disclaims any and all liability arising out of the use of the product in any critical application.

If customer uses the product in a critical application,4 customer, and not Simulation 1 Systems LLC, assumes full responsibility for such use. Further, Simulation 1 Systems LLC  reserves the right to refuse to service any product used in a critical application, and disclaims any and all liability arising out of Simulation 1 Systems LLC’ service or refusal to service the product.

Standard Limited Warranty Period and Warranty Requirements

The Limited Warranty Period for Customer’s Product begins on the date of purchase from Simulation 1 Systems LLC or an authorized Simulation 1 Systems LLC reseller (“Purchase Date”).

Product registration is strongly recommended, and allows Simulation 1 Systems LLCto send Customer periodic updates, announcements, and special offers applicable to the Product.

Product registration is best completed during the initial start-up of the Product, or can be completed online at www.simulation1.ae. Customer’s failure to complete Product Registration will not diminish Customer’s rights under this Limited Warranty. Customer’s dated sales or delivery receipt, showing the date of purchase of the Product, purchase location, Product description, and purchase price is Customer’s proof of purchase. Customer may be required to provide proof of purchase as a condition of receiving warranty service.

What is Not Covered by This Limited Warranty?

  • Service made necessary by accident, misuse, abuse, neglect, improper installation, or improper maintenance
  • Replacement of missing parts, the provision of retrofits, or preventive maintenance
  • Installation or removal of accessory retrofits, peripheral equipment or computer systems of which the Product may be a part
  • Replacement or fixes of software
  • Repair or replacement of covers, plastics, or appearance parts such as interior or exterior finishes or trim
  • Repair of damage that is cosmetic only or does not affect Product functionality, such as wear and tear, scratches and dents, and missing, scratched, faded or discolored keycaps orKeyboard cover (if applicable)


Service made necessary by any external cause, including fire, theft, acts of God, alteration, problems arising from software or hardware not supplied by Simulation 1 Systems LLC, Power failures, surges or shortages, lightning, or repairs by persons other than those authorized by Simulation 1 Systems LLC to service the Product

  • Service on Product purchased outside the Middle East
  • Service on Simulation 1 Systems LLC-branded accessory items purchased with the Product
  • Service on third party products or service made necessary by use of incompatible third party products
  • Service of Product on which the Simulation 1 Systems LLC label or logo, rating label or serial number have been defaced or removed
  • On-site service and repair of the Product
  • Damage caused by use of the Product outside the usage or storage parameters set forth in the Product User’s Guide
  • Modifications to the Product not approved in writing by Simulation 1 Systems LLC


Simulation 1 Systems LLC accessory items purchased with the Product is covered by their own respective limited warranties. Software which may be Included with Product Simulation 1 Systems LLC’ sole obligations with respect to software, if any, distributed with the Product under the Simulation 1 Systems LLC brand name are set forth in the end-user license agreement available at www.simulation1.ae. Unless otherwise stated in writing, non-Simulation 1 Systems LLC approved software is provided on an “as is” basis by Simulation 1 Systems LLC. However, non-SIMULATION 1 LLC manufacturers, suppliers or publishers may offer their own warranties.

Warranty Extensions and Upgrades

Simulation 1 Systems LLC  offers a full line of optional service programs to complement its standard limited warranty. For more information, visit our web site at www.simulation1.ae or  call at number +971 (0)4 392 9818 (Middle East only). If outside of the Middle East, please contact your local reseller.

Online Support

Online Technical support available at Simulation 1 Systems LLC’ web site. URL is www.simulation1.ae. At this web site, Customer will find answers for many commonly asked technical questions plus many downloadable software drivers, BIOS updates and other downloads. Obtaining Service for Product Purchased in the Middle East In the Middle East Customer is entitled to warranty service through at least one of the following methods:

  • Repair-Return Service through Simulation 1 Systems LLC’ Depot Service
  • Whole Unit Exchange Service
  • Carry-In Service (If Available)

To determine which warranty service method(s) is available for your specific model, please visit our web site at www.simulation1.ae If more than one warranty service method is shown, one will be designated as primary.