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Why are Fanatec products prices higher on your website compared to the Fanatec Website?

Reason for higher pricing is due to Shipping, Brokerage Fees, Duties, and Custom Fees.

How long will it take to ship orders out within the U.A.E?

Since our warehouse is located in Dubai directly, all orders will be processed and shipped out within 1-5 business days.

Does your product include Warranty prodvided by Fanatec?

Yes, we are the one and only authorized reseller in Canada. If you purchase your Fanatec products from Simulation1, we will be happy to take care of all your warranty needs. For more information, please check our warranty section on our webpage.

On the Obutto seat, are you able to mount the shifter mount and keyboard tray on either side of the seat assembly?

Yes, Obutto is set up for right or left hand driving style.

Is the cockpit strong enough to support larger or heavier guys?

Yes, we use 2.3mm thick walled carbon steel tubing throughout the cockpit, along with a real car sports seat. We have many customers that are over 300lbs and 6ft 5in tall with no issus at all.

Steering wheel mount

Is the steering wheel mount adjustable?

Yes, it is height and distance adjustable. The higher you position the steering wheel, the closer it will be to you since it sits at an angle. Our cockpits are one of the few that actually allows a proper race driving seating position.

Which steering wheels fit on the cockpit?

Any steering wheel that clamps to a desk, or can be hardmounted, will fit our cockpit. We have customers using various steering wheels from these popular brands: Logitech, ECCI, Fanatec, Saitek and Microsoft.

Shipping info

Why are the shipping costs so high?

Since we use a real car sports seat, and a very robust frame design with only bends & welds (no weak joints), our box is very large and the volume weight is very heavy. If you have ever shipped a car seat to someone you will understand.

Package Dimensions:

L = 102cm or 40 inch W= 61 cm or 24 inch H = 57 cm or 22.5 in

Shipping Weight:

-52kg or 113lbs

Pedal tray

Is the pedal tray position adjustable or fixed?

The pedal tray can be adjusted for height, angle & distance.

Does the Clubsport pedals fit?

Yes, but some pedals may take some modifying of the brackets. The overhanging pedals seem to fit best.

Monitor stand

How far away is the monitor?

The monitor is mounted roughly around 2-3 inches behind the steering wheel console. I am 6ft 2in tall and with me in a proper race driving position the monitor is around 25 inches from my eyes.

Is the new VESA monitor stand compatible with the older design cockpit?

Yes….I would never leave you guys out of such a great upgradeCan

Can the monitor stand hold a 32?

Yes it can support the weight, but the VESA bolt pattern on your 32″ TV may differ from our pre-drilled bolt patterns on the mount. It is an easy mod to make an adaptor plate to bolt to our monitor mount if required. There may be clearance issues on the bottom side of the TV since the monitor stand positions the monitor so close to the steering mount but this can also be modded. NOTE; a 32″ TV in this location is really close to the player in my opinion…..go triple monitors, you’ll never go back!!

Shifter mount

Is the shifter mount adjustable?

Yes, you can raise the shifter mount and/or adjust it’s distance.

What shifters fit on your shifter mount?

Most if not all types will fit as long as they can clamp on a desk or can be hardmounted.

Triple monitor stand

What is the largest size monitors I can fit?

The stand is made for and tested up to 24 inch monitors. These are direct bolt on as long as your VESA bolt pattern is 75mm x 75mm, 100mm x 100mm, or 200mm x 100mm. If you want to use larger monitors, it could be done with some modifications on the user’s end. Just have some 2mm sheets of metal cut to size, a drill and some nuts and bolts. You should be able to create your own mounting plates to be bolted to the existing mounting plates and offset of course to give enough room for the widths of your monitors. That being said, 24 inch monitors are still the highest quality (large) monitors available at decent prices, and three of them are incredible. I use three 22″ monitors and have over a 4 foot viewing span horizontally and it’s plenty for me.