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CSL Pedal Clutch Kit

AED 350

For the purists.

Take control of a traditional manual transmission with the CSL Pedals Clutch Kit, the most affordable three-pedal upgrade for the CSL Pedals.


The CSL Pedals Clutch Kit is an all-metal design, using a contactless Hall sensor to precisely measure clutch axis inputs. This pedal uses a stiffer spring than the throttle and the same wider pedal face as the brake.

Attach the clutch pedal to the heel rest, adjusting for comfortable pedal spacing and pedal plate height, and simply connect the cable to the CSL Pedals throttle assembly. You’ll be back on track in minutes.

Two ways to upgrade.

Upgrade your CSL Pedals with this Clutch Kit or the Load Cell Kit (optional, coming soon). The Clutch Kit provides a third pedal at the lowest price. The Load Cell Kit is an alternative to the Clutch Kit, also providing a third pedal, while upgrading the brake and electronics.


Drive a fully manual transmission by combining an H-pattern shifter (available separately) with the CSL Pedals Clutch Kit. This is the most affordable way to add a third pedal to your setup.


Upgrade to a load cell brake (optional, coming soon) and gain extra confidence to improve your lap times. The CSL Pedals Load Cell Kit is the ultimate upgrade for immersion, precision, and consistency. When upgrading to the Load Cell Kit, the standard brake pedal can be used as the clutch.


  • Upgrade for CSL Pedals
  • Most affordable way to add a third pedal
  • Heavy steel construction (excluding pedal face)
  • Contactless Hall sensor (12-bit) for high precision and durability
  • Pedal position can be adjusted sideways along CSL Pedals heel rest
  • Height-adjustable pedal face
  • Modular design means inverted mounting to a rig is possible
  • Vertical rear plate allows pedals to be braced against a wall
  • Pearl chrome plating on pedal base and arm



When combined with CSL Pedals, this product is compatible with:

  • All CSL Elite Wheel Bases
  • CSL DD Wheel Base
  • All ClubSport Wheel Bases
  • All Podium Wheel Bases
  • ClubSport USB Adapter


  • PC:Upgrading the CSL Pedals with the CSL Pedals Clutch Kit does not enable USB connectivity, and the pedals must be connected directly to a compatible Fanatec wheel base. To operate as a standalone input device, use the ClubSport USB Adapter (available separately) or the CSL Pedals Load Cell Kit (coming soon). The Load Cell Kit adds a USB connector.
  • Consoles:The CSL Pedals upgraded with the CSL Pedals Clutch Kit can be used on gaming consoles, if connected through a Fanatec Wheel Base / Racing Wheel. Please check the information on the product page of the Fanatec product through which they will be connected to the console. It will not work on consoles using the ClubSport USB Adapter.


  • The CSL Pedals Clutch Kit does not add USB functionality. USB functionality is only possible with the ClubSport USB Adapter or CSL Pedals Load Cell Kit.
  • The CSL Pedals Clutch Kit is not required if you purchase the CSL Pedals Load Cell Kit (coming soon). The Load Cell Kit replaces the standard brake pedal, allowing you to convert it to a clutch pedal.
  • It is possible to upgrade a CSL Pedals set with Clutch Kit to a CSL Pedals with Load Cell Kit.


  • Dimensions (L x W x H)26.4cm x 10.6cm x 37.6cm
  • 2kg
  • Volume weight2.1kg


  • Clutch pedal unit
  • M4x12 mounting bolts (only to mount Clutch Kit to heel rest)
  • Torx key
  • 1x Quick Guide


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